Tank & Koopa Adventures

After chatting with a fellow red-eared slider owner it hit me how old our little turtles are. They're almost two years old and for some reason it doesn't feel like we've had them that long. But it makes sense since we're able to tell the sex of each of them now (well, we're like 90% sure).

Tank has continued to have the wider and darker coloured shell. In the last couple of months he's grown gigantic, Freddy Krueger-like nails which is a sign that he's male. As well as his tail is longer and thicker. He's actually the calmer turtle of the two. We can pick him up to check out his shell or compare size no problem.

Koopa on the other hand hates being handled. Koopa squirms and fidgets which makes it hard to photograph her. I say 'her' but we're still not 100% positive Koopa is female. But since there's no crazy long nails and the tail is smaller, we're assuming Koopa is female. We're just going to watch her as she gets to be full grown in case there's a chance Koopa just hasn't hit sexual maturity yet. But if you compare the two of them, Koopa seems to be female. Koopa has kept the brighter colours, though she's not as bright green as when we first got her. I absolutely love the gold colour that trims both their shells.

Later this year we'll be transferring them to their giant aquarium which I'm pretty excited for. Adding in a new dock and rocks will be fun. Plus it'll be great for them to have so much room to swim. Right now they're dominating their current aquarium. Their heater and filter are constantly being moved and Tank has the time of his life digging in rocks. It's been interesting having these turtles around as pets. I'm so happy Adam convinced me to adopt these guys.

xo Jen

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