That Mermaid Life

I'm longing for sunshine, warm days, and not wearing layers of clothing. We're barely getting spring and I freeze at night because I refuse to put my furnace back on. I'm itching to open windows for fresh air and to wear shoes without socks.

More than likely this is pushing me towards my mermaid obsession... I'm wanting to live at the beach, the sun on my skin, and sand under my toes. I want to spend afternoons swimming in the lake and lounging on a beach towel.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Mermaid Hair Tank
2. Mermaid Glass
3. Majestically Awkward Tank
4. Mermaid Blanket
5. Mermaid Pouch

Not only do I have a mermaid theme going, but it seems a teal-theme as well. Come on sunshine! I want spring and summer!

xo Jen

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