Unicorn Love

I'm not sure who decides what will become trendy each year but I'm not complaining about the trend I've been seeing everywhere lately: unicorns! I feel like I'm a kid again. I rocked unicorns and rainbows as an 80s and 90s kid. I collected the original My Little Ponies and thought rainbows were fantastic thanks to Care Bears.

Michaels Craft Store has been filling my unicorn love with planner stickers and washi tape. But I'm itching for more unicorn things...

Clockwise from top right:
1. Cute Shit Unicorn Pouch
2. Unicorn Snot
3. Fairyland Sticker Kit
4. Unicorn Tote
5. Magical Unicorn Boxed Note Cards

I foresee more unicorn things in my future since it makes my inner child incredibly happy! No wonder I have an obsession with glitter eyeshadow and nail polish.

xo Jen

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