My Life In Photos

March is almost over and I couldn't be more excited for April. April means spring weather, Easter celebrations and Adam's birthday. All things I enjoy and it means I have a month of baking ahead of me!

Our last bit of snow that we got hit with while going for a walk downtown. We found a pretty cool wall mural hiding in an alleyway though.

My new favourite mug. 

I finally pulled out my Tony Moly Pokemon makeup to use. The Jigglypuff colour suits my porcelain skin perfectly.

I knew I had to buy a bag as soon as I saw them in the Easter candy aisle: Carrot Cake Hershey Kisses! They're delicious with a cup of coffee.

Logan is enjoying the fresh air on one of the odd days I opened the windows in the house.

Seymore has been doing his best to find all the sunny spots in the house. I catch him almost daily lounging in a sunny area in the living room. 

I started the month reading Bee and Puppycat.

I'm ending the month finishing the iZombie series.

I hope March treated you well!
xo Jen

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