My Life In Photos

Life has been a whirlwind of emotions lately; working a lot, sewing like crazy, getting excited for spring, getting frustrated having to shovel a ton of snow. I'm trying to stay organized, de-stressed, and positive but I've had some exhausting days. I enjoy these posts for the fact that I can look back at the good moments that I've had, no matter how small they might have been.

I picked this mug up at Chapters and I love it! Honestly, the entire Dayna Lee collection is amazing. Check it out!

Logan assumes us cleaning the bookshelf means he can investigate all areas he can fit.

I had a brutal cold for a few days a little while ago. I spent the weekend reading and relaxing to get myself better.

My craft room assistant.

Seymore can't handle me sewing for hours on end. He bugs me until I give him a solid 10 minutes of attention.

I have made a promise to myself to start doing yoga regularly again. It helps with my stress and I love how I feel afterwards.

Some days require sprinkles.

A mall date with Adam included a passionfruit bubble tea with strawberry popping bobas.

Every time there's sunshine I try my best to bask in it. It makes these long winters bearable.

Let's hope March turns out to be great and spring shows up early!
xo Jen

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