Crafty Updates

My first comic convention of the year is less than a month away and I'm feeling the stress right now. I have a million ideas and plans but realistically I only have enough time for like a quarter of my ideas. These are the first of my finished projects:

I've started making my hobo bags with a bit of a deeper bag and longer straps. I've been listening to people who come by my table and that seems to be the two most common suggestions/complaints. So my first batch of hobo bags for this show are bigger and with longer straps.

I also finished a few extra large zipper pouches. They're the perfect size for all your markers or makeup. I'm actually going to make one for myself to hold my planner stickers since the bags are large enough for the sticker pages.

Next up on my to-do list are tote bags and more kitty kickers! I'll be posting more photo over on my Instagram feed.

xo Jen

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