My ideal outfit? Leggings, a dress, and boots. Maybe a cardigan if necessary. My goal in life right now is to work somewhere that I can wear my favourite outfit combo daily. 

This photo was taken at Gateway FanEx last month.

For my birthday this past summer I was given a pair of leggings from Sweetlegs; one size fits all in a cat print. I loved the print but was nervous about the sizing because I rarely fit into the one size fits all items. Well these leggings are amazing - super stretchy, super long, and ridiculously soft! The sizing is perfect, though, if you're shorter, you have to pull the extra length up to hide around the tops of your legs. But that's ok! It's better than too short!

After falling in love with my cat leggings, I headed to the site to pick up two more pairs. Both of them fit exactly like the cat ones and I'm seriously obsessed. Now when I wear my other brands of leggings, they don't compare. Other leggings sag after one wear (I usually wear leggings 2-3 times before I wash them), slide down my hips and require me to pull them up every once in a while, or I can see the slight wear and thinning that make the leggings somewhat see-through.

But not my leggings from Sweetlegs!

These have become my most worn pair of leggings since they're pretty neutral. I've been pairing them with most of my dresses.

I'm excited to own some holiday-inspired leggings. They're great to pair with an over-sized sweater and tall socks.

I currently have my eye on a few of their new holiday print leggings and I'm wanting to grab a couple of their plain coloured ones too. And the best part? They're a Canadian company so I can feel even better about supporting them.

xo Jen

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