Gilmore Girls Double Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes

Happy day after Gilmore Girls Netflix revival day! Have we all recovered yet from 6 hours of binge watching, loads of coffee, and piles of junkfood?! Honestly, I'm ready to sit down and watch all of it again.

To celebrate the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I made double chocolate coffee cupcakes that I know Lorelai and Rory would love.

I made the chocolate cupcakes with double-strong coffee in replace of the water in the recipe. This made the cupcakes have a more mocha flavour and tones down the sweetness of the chocolate. The frosting, however, is a super rich milk chocolate buttercream that melts in your mouth.

They were a great snack for watching one of my all-time favourite television shows since I needed all the comfort food to get me through the emotional 6 hours of episodes.

I refuse to give any spoilers but I'm itching to sit down with friends to discuss what happened.
xo Jen

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  1. YUM! And also- eeeep!! I finished watching them last night and Oh. My. Goodness. It was so fun seeing what they all look like now too. I think I'm more in love with Dean than ever :p xxx