Crafty Updates: Fan Expo

Fan Expo Canada starts tomorrow! Eeee! This is the largest convention that I sell at every year. It's also the most fun. The convention takes over the entire Metro Toronto Convention Centre for 4 days and it's incredibly busy and chaotic, but also amazing.

My table is in Artist Alley at A351. If you come to the show over the weekend, feel free to come say hi!

August has become so incredibly busy for me while I finish up prep work for this show. I've been sewing like crazy, with both new fabrics and scraps of old fabrics that I had buried in my fabric bins. I'm pretty excited and happy with the stock I have to bring to this year's show.

I have more stock this year than I've ever had for Fan Expo. I wanted to make sure I covered all the big fandom bases this year (especially Pokemon and Harry Potter).

I'll be back next week after my 4-days of Fan Expo fun!
xo Jen

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