Fandom Favourites

It's Friday! Here are my fandom favourites of the week:

1. Teeturtle just released some new Marvel tees and they're so amazing! I can't get over how cute the Squirrel Girl design is and how accurate the Deadpool one is.

2. I haven't paid much attention to the Funko Fabrikations plushies. They're cute, but nothing I have to own. That is until I saw Stay Puft at EB Games. He's so unbelievably adorable!

3. Fan Expo Canada is my next big comic convention. It happens over labor day weekend in September and I'm always excited for it. But can we look at some of the guests that have been announced so far? I'm fangirling hard every time they announce another guest. Eeee!

What fandom things are you into this week?
xo Jen

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  1. Ripley is going to be at FanExpo?! *fangirl swoon*