What I'm Loving Now

It's the season of s'mores! Bonfires are happening all over my neighbourhood most nights and I can smell them whenever my windows are open. It's one of my favourite smells that brings me back to childhood. And when I smell a bonfire, my mind turns to s'mores.

S'mores Cake

When I saw this amazing cake on Pinterest my jaw dropped. It looks incredible, but the best part? When you check out the ingredients and instructions, it doesn't seem that difficult. I think this cake needs to be baked this Summer!

Maple S'mores

One of my favourite things to do with s'mores is to mix up the ingredients. There's always a toasted marshmallow involved and some sort of chocolate. But I've tried them on different types of cookies and with different flavours of chocolate. Thanks to this Walmart ad that I came across online, I'm now itching to try maple s'mores. I'm not sure why I haven't thought of this before, but it's so happening this Summer. 

Official S'mores Tester

And to top off my s'mores list: this temporary tattoo is a must-have for me! I need it to wear when we go camping!

Are you a s'mores fan?
xo Jen


  1. You had me at maple s'mores.

  2. The cake looks so good, and the temporary tat is so cute! I loooove s'mores!

  3. That tattoo is adorable! Maybe you and Adam could give each other fake tattoos with felt tip pens before your next camping trip? :) xxx