X-Men Excitement

There's no hiding my love for the X-Men universe, even if the movies are not the most amazing. I'll still be seeing the next movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, this weekend and I'm excited to see how the new actors do as some of the characters.

In preparation for the new movie, I made an X-Men wish list. I'm seriously longing for the Mystique dress...

1. Storm T-Shirt
2. Phoenix Hoodie
3. Mystique Dress
4. First Class T-Shirt
5. Jubilee Poster

Will you be seeing the new movie? I'm super curious to see how Apocalypse, Jubilee, Storm, and Angel are portrayed.

xo Jen


  1. That Mystique dress!!! OMG!

  2. That Jubilee print is so pretty. I love that style so much.

  3. I love the first class t-shirt. I'm curious what about the X-Men movies you don't really like?