What I'm Loving Now

Lately I have found myself feeling more creative and wanting to make everything! I believe it's from all the sunshine and nice weather we've been having. My urge to create includes baking cupcakes, cakes, and cookies too.

Heaven's Sweetness Shop

I came across the most amazing Instagram account while scrolling aimlessly one morning in bed. There are so many videos of decorating cake tutorials and it makes me want to pull out all my frosting tips and start decorating! If you have any interest in cake decorating, head to their Instagram account now and be prepared to get sucked in.

Craft Room

I recently hit up the dollar store to buy bins of all sizes to organize my craft room. I've accumulated a lot of random things that have nothing to do with my sewing - perler beads, stickers galore, and tons of postcards and notecards thanks to IGGPPC. We still need to paint the room and put up shelves but it's already looking a lot more organized and it's ready for me to go crazy sewing while I get ready for two big comic conventions this Summer. I'm so happy I'm back to wanting to spend most of my time at home in there.

What are you loving now?
xo Jen

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  1. What a gorgeous room- I hope sure yours will looking equally pretty when your craft stash is suitably organised :) I think it would be dangerous for me to follow a cake-based Instagram account; I eat too much cake even without further inspiration :p xxx