Style Inspiration: Marissa Cooper

I recently finished re-watching the third season of The O.C. It was a hit TV show during high school and I found myself addicted to the drama pretty quickly. Plus, I loved Seth's geeky side and I couldn't get enough of the soundtrack (I have to thank Seth Cohen for introducing me to Death Cab for Cutie).

Not until I found The O.C. boxsets for dirt cheap did I consider picking them up. Even though I didn't miss an episode when it aired, the show quickly took a nosedive in the third season and I didn't know if I'd ever want to watch it again. Well, I have to say I'm happy I picked up the boxsets. I've enjoyed watching the bromance between Seth and Ryan again and I really am a fan of the Seth/Summer relationship.

Now, Marissa was never my favourite character. And I can say after re-watching the first three seasons, she still doesn't win me over. Unfortunately Mischa Barton wasn't the best actress, and the drama that was written into the show for Marissa was made so much worse by the lack of good acting.

But with that being said, I noticed that Marissa's wardrobe (especially in the later seasons) is my dream wardrobe from that time. I don't think I realized how much fashion from the early 2000's still influenced my outfit choices of today.

I want to wear Keds again, pull out all my long, layering necklaces, and stock up on beach-appropriate sun dresses. And to this day, I still long for Marissa Cooper hair. Long, beach waves have been my ideal hairstyle forever.

So maybe Marissa Cooper influenced me more than I thought...

Have you ever watched The O.C.?
xo Jen

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