The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls reboot premieres today! I'm very excited to watch the new show and see more of the Powerpuff Girls' adventures.

In honour of the premiere, Cartoon Network released a site to Powerpuff yourself! You can go here to make yourself.

Here's me after I Puff'd myself. Cute, right?

I'm no stranger to Powerpuff Girls cosplay, which I've done accidentally (it happens when you have a pink dress and red hair) and on purpose. I put together some casual Everyday Cosplay looks for the girls in celebration of the reboot premiere.

I went with a casual, cotton dress and some military style boots for Buttercup since she's the tomboy of the group. Blossom, being the leader, has a more grown up look to her dress and sensible flats to kick butt in. Of course Bubbles has to be over the top cute; a frilly lace dress and bow flats complete her look. And how amazing are those purses? I so want one!

Do you plan on watching the new show? 
xo Jen

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  1. Oh man, those little purses are hysterical. Need. Not sure if I'll catch the new show, but thanks for reminding me to Power Puff myself. Somehow missed out on that this weekend.