What I'm Loving Now

Companies really know how to market to their customers. I've been receiving emails from Look Human, Davids Tea, Bath and Body Works, and Old Navy (to name a few) with Spring-themes! From light and fruity teas, to shorts, to floral candles, and camping t-shirts - I'm wanting everything!

Look Human

The latest email from Look Human was their road trip/camping collection. And as usual, I kind of want one of everything.

Davids Tea

This past week I went to the mall and stopped into Davids Tea to smell and check out their Spring Collection. The teas I thought I'd want from the collection initially weren't the ones I came home with. It's funny how smelling the teas in person can make a huge difference, rather than basing your picks off the name and description. I cannot stress enough how amazing White Nectarine is. The smell and taste is exactly like a ripe nectarine. The other teas I fell in love with were Melon Drop and Fruits of Paradise. Maybe it's because I'm wanting Spring so bad, but all the fruity teas were winning me over.

What are you loving now?
xo Jen

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  1. I haven't checked out the spring David's Teas yet, but that white nectarine tea sounds delightful.