My Life In Photos

So February is over, huh? I'm not going to lie, I'm excited for March. Why? Because Spring is around the corner! Yes, we have a 5' snow fortress surrounding our house and we're hitting -30 degrees tonight but we're coming to the end of Winter!

This is how I spent February.

A not-so-small icicle hanging from our house. Our front door is basically booby-trapped with these. 

Logan loves the turtles. I keep catching him hanging out with them and being super adorable.

Seymore being Seymore.

 I made some super yummy cinnamon rolls for IGGPPC in February. You can find the recipe here.

A new gourmet doughnut shop opened near us and we've been twice! We've tried the Maple Bacon, Cookies and Cream, Coconut Lime, and Maple French Toast. They are incredible! Super fluffy and so tasty. If you're ever in the area, check out Mighty Canadian Doughnuts.

One of my favourite glasses. I got it for Christmas in a 2-pack. Wait until you see the other cup!

We spent an evening building the Lego Ghostbusters set. I absolutely love the minifigures of the guys.

February was a month of staying indoors and being snuggly. I'm looking forward to heading outside more in March though.

xo Jen

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