To Do List: February

It's crazy February is here already. Winter is half over! But there's no sign of it slowing down. Our Winter has been a little weird. Mild temperatures and tons of snow. This means our usual ice skating adventures aren't as easy to do since the rinks get closed when the weather is too mild. But all the snow is giving us other opportunities. 

February To Do List:
  • Snowshoeing! We have found two places that rent out snowshoes and we clearly have more than enough snow to do this Winter activity so we're planning on heading out at least once this month to try it. 
  • Hikes. The snow does make everything look beautiful. The trees are covered in snow and they look so glittery. And with the mild temperatures, we won't freeze our butts off on a hike.
  • Bake! This month is Valentine's Day, Deadpool is released, and it's Pokemon's anniversary. I have so much themed-baking to do. Plus, I've started the food activities up on IGGPPC and I have lots of food to share and make!
  • Sew. Next month is my first comic convention of the year and I have a giant sewing to-do list!
  • Be healthy! The last couple of months have been hard - I haven't been sleeping well and my healthy eating has subsided. I need to turn things around because I'm feeling like crap a lot of days. 

What are your plans for February?
xo Jen


  1. I hope you manage to get some sleep, love. Sounds like plenty of fresh air and hiking will tire you out in a good way though :) Here's to some quality zzz's xxx

  2. Sounds like we have very similar goals. I'm also trying to get Rick to go snowshoeing with me, but he seems nervous about it for some reason. We also heard about a private park outside of town that has a winding ice rink path through a forest that we really want to try out. We've also been trying out Culiniste for about a month and it's done wonders for our dietary habits. I'm pretty impressed so far.