Deadpool Cake

We went to see Deadpool this past weekend for our Valentine's date. The movie was so good and they did a damn good job portraying Deadpool very accurately to the comic books. The action scenes were a lot of fun and the writing was hilarious and smart. Needless to say, I'm so pumped for the possibility of a sequel and what new characters they might bring in for it.

Because it was Valentine's weekend and I was super excited for the movie, I decided to make a super chocolatey cake for dessert and to decorate it Deadpool-style.

I started with a devil's food cake mix (you have to go naughty for Deadpool) and baked it in two 9" pans. Once cooled, I used strawberry jam in between the layers to attach the two cake pieces. I thought the jam would make a nice oozy, blood-like center. Though, the jam is so dark against the chocolate cake, there's no way to photograph it well.

After that, I frosted the entire cake with homemade chocolate buttercream. And not to toot my own horn, but my chocolate buttercream is to die for!

Then I had my amazing husband help me with free-handing the Deadpool logo onto the cake with coloured sugar sprinkles. I'm super impressed and happy with how well it turned out. After cutting into it last night, I can vouch that this cake is insanely good and I look forward to eating more of it tonight.

Did you head out to see Deadpool yet? If so, what'd you think?
xo Jen


  1. That looks amazing!

    I saw it with my boyfriend as well and it was awesome! I loved it. I loved the violence, the relationship between Wade & Vanessa? That was her name right? The fight scenes were incredible. I loved all of it.

  2. Naughty and delicious!! Loved Deadpool wish I had Deadpool cake too! Love the sprinkles making the logo. I like seedless raspberry jam in my chocolate cakes because it's so tart!

  3. This cake came out fantastic!!! I'm amazed that the sugar sprinkles showed so well on chocolate frosting! I wish I lived close enough to try a piece!

  4. WOW that cakes look amazing, brilliant brilliant cake.
    I saw the movie on Friday and thought it was excellent

  5. I can't believe your free handed that. It looks so good. And although I don't eat chocolate, I might make an exception and take some antihistamines so I can try it it looks so good.

  6. Oh man - this sounds like the best Valentine's day ever! I still haven't been to see Deadpool! Maybe I'll go this evening. Hmmm... xxx