What I'm Loving Now: Jessica Jones

I was a little behind starting Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix, but as soon as we started watching it, there was no turning back. Once we got home from our Christmas visits, we started the show. After watching two episodes, this was my reaction that I posted on Twitter:

Initially I saw Jessica as a badass. Not only is she physically strong, but she has a tough demeanor. She's a smartass, sarcastic, and has no use for stupid people. She also tries very hard to not ever ask for help, but to take care of herself. As the show went on, all of these traits also became her weaknesses too. She has to find balance, which the people around her help her find - Trish, Malcolm and Luke.

Between Jessica, Trish, Hope, and Jeri, the women in this show were shown as incredibly strong but also vulnerable. It was a wonderful thing to feel a connection with so many women in one show. Not only was I rooting for them to kick some ass, but I felt all their pain and anger and sadness too.

I think seeing Trish's character develop over the episodes was one of my favourite things. Initially, I didn't realize who she was in the Marvel Universe, and for those who haven't seen it I won't spoil anything. But my initial reaction towards Trish was that she was the pretty friend who has everything together which will play off of Jessica's chaotic and messed up character. Nope. Not even a little bit. Trish is tough and strong and has a rough past that has scarred her. You see glimpses into her life, past and present, and see her sadness and why she is the way she is. I found myself rooting for her as much as I did for Jessica.

Seriously, I'm completely in love with this show and how all the characters are portrayed and developed. I really need to rewatch it now and also get my hands on the Alias trades.

Have you watched Jessica Jones yet? What'd you think?
xo Jen


  1. Ooh that is such the perfect description of Jessica<3!

  2. I was a huge fan of Alias when it initially ran so I was kind of apprehensive about the show but I absolutely loved it. I totally agree about what you said about feeling a connection to so many women in a show and what a revelation it was. The show deals with touchy subject matter so well, it's almost like a clinic in how to present these things on screen.

    1. I recently picked up the Alias comics so I'm pretty excited to read them. And I definitely agree about how it deals with touchy subject matter. It was done well.