Cake Goals

I love baking. I took cake decorating classes a few years ago and I'm always up for baking a batch of cookies or frosting some pretty cupcakes. It's one of my top passions in life.

This year I want to grow and challenge myself as a baker. I want to try new recipes and techniques. I want to experiment more with flavours and decorating styles. Lately I've found myself getting lost on Instagram and Pinterest looking at cake and cookie photos.

Photo sources: Top row - 1/2/3 Bottom row - 4/5/6

I want to go sprinkle crazy, try my hand at the new naked cake trend, and add all types of toppings to the tops of my cakes and cupcakes. 

So this post is your warning... baking photos galore are coming to this blog in 2016!

xo Jen


  1. I cannot wait! I'm drooling in anticipation.

  2. What Mariko said! I might need to start reading your blog with a cupcake on hand :p xxx