My Life In Photos

December can be summarized in a few words: work, Christmas activities, kitty snuggles, Star Wars, and sleep. I guess add in 'sewing' during the first week before my last craft show. It's been a really busy month but with Christmas being my favourite holiday, I'm also finding comfort in holiday movies and activities whenever I can.

The Walking Dead captured my attention for a good chunk of the Fall and I'm sad we have to wait a couple months for it to be back on again.

I am so excited to own one of the Star Wars lipsticks from Covergirl. They pulled it from coming to Canada but I'm lucky to have some amazing U.S. friends that will send me American-only products.

Even though I already watched Love Actually this season, I'm still tempted to watch it again. 

How do you make Rice Krispie treats Christmasy? Add sprinkles!

Kitties snuggling bum to bum. They haven't snuggled together in a while but our basement is cold so when it happens, it's down there.

Add a Christmas tree and add instant coziness <3

How's December been treating you?
xo Jen


  1. I love when cats sleep butt to butt <3

  2. Super lucky on the Star Wars makeup. They started releasing the stand ups around town just to taunt me. Aargh!!

    1. Same here! One of the flyers even had a little ad for the makeup.

  3. Teehee - love the bum-snuggling kitties and the sprinkle-tastic krispie cakes xxx