My Life In Photos

I'm at the point in the holiday season where I think "where did the time go? How is Christmas SO soon?!" The fact that it's less than a month until Christmas blows my mind. Work has become super busy so I'm working more hours. I have Etsy orders coming in, a craft show to prepare for, and of course, Christmas gifts to buy.

A lot of my photos lately have been from around the house and tend to be of our pets since they distract me when photographing products for Etsy or finished treats for recipe posts. So if you don't want to see adorable baby turtles or cute cats, turn away now!

My heart melts when I catch the cats watching the turtles in the aquarium. 

Every single box is a cat trap for Seymore. 

My window sill garden is expanding!

I bought very, very discounted dresses at Old Navy recently and I cannot stop wearing them. They're beyond comfortable with leggings and a sweater. 

How's your November been?
xo Jen


  1. Your cats look so cozy! What cuties.

  2. I love all of this!!!! Your pets are so cute, I love your plants, and that outfit is amazing! *o*