Ms Marvel

Happy Halloween! I don't have much planned for Halloween. I'll be handing out candy to trick or treaters this evening while I watch Hocus Pocus and play Animal Crossing. Fun, right? Then I have a date with Adam, some horror movies, and leftover Halloween candy later tonight. I'm actually looking forward to my Halloween night.

Now, if I was feeling the motivation to dress up tonight or even to find an everyday cosplay look, Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan would be one of my top picks to dress up as.

Once you have a Ms Marvel t-shirt, putting together the rest of the look would be pretty straight forward. Red pants for the adventurous, or skinny blue jeans for the rest of us, blue boots, a red scarf and any lightning bolt accessories you can find. To top it off I added a blue headband to represent her blue mask. Though, I'd probably go all out and dig out my blue eyeshadow. 

I've really been enjoying the Ms Marvel comics. Kamala's innocence is so nice to see in a superhero. So far she doesn't seem jaded. She just wants to make a difference and help people. The writing includes a lot of humour and fun pop culture references. Kamala has definitely become one of my favourite heroes. 

Have a fun and safe Halloween!
xo Jen

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