Tank & Koopa Adventures

Tank and Koopa have been such a fun experience. I've never had any pet like this before and I didn't realize how quickly I'd get attached. The first couple of weeks were stressful. Tank was super shy and barely ate. He buried his head in the rocks whenever possible. Koopa started off as a pig and super active. Then for about a week he decided he wasn't going to eat anymore. 

Stress! My maternal instincts kicked into overdrive and I didn't know what to do. I spent a lot of time googling options and we bought some dried shrimp to feed them along with the pellets. We also introduced them to green leaf lettuce. Eventually we got both of them eating. Tank isn't as shy anymore and Koopa is back to being his super active self. 

Look how tiny they are! I know they're going to get huge so I need to enjoy them while they're this size now. They hang out in this container when Adam cleans their aquarium. They're messy little guys.

I love that I can finally tell the difference between them. And their little tails melt my heart.

Sorry for the turtle pictures spam but who doesn't enjoy baby turtle pictures?!
xo Jen