Fall Itch

I've tried to hold off as long as possible since there's still a week left of August, but I just can't hold my excitement in anymore. Fall is around the corner!! Fall starts early where I live and once we get back from Fan Expo Canada I'm going to be in full Fall-mode!

I'm excited for pumpkin flavoured things, dresses with tights, boots, knee high socks, and lots of layers!

Who's with me?!
xo Jen


  1. I hear ya! I can't wait for the Fall to start! It's my favorite season. I just bought my first outfit of the Fall last week and I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear it!

  2. I absolutely love fall. I love wearing my cardigans with my favorite shirts and boots!! I love wearing rain boots in the fall plus my sneakers. Dresses with tights, don't even get me started.

  3. Yes, please! Fall comes early here, too, and I got a preview of it yesterday, as it was raining all day <3 I wish I always dressed like the girl in that second picture.

    1. We have the same fashion sense then because I also want to dress like that girl every day ^_^

  4. I definitely have the itch for autumn now too! I can't wait for snuggly clothes and cosy evenings. There hasn't been much of a summer here in England, except for a few hot days so I feel that it's time for autumn now! I love the Totoro outfit, that's so cute! - Tasha

  5. Fall is by far my favorite season. Unfortunately, living in Texas, I don't get to enjoy it for long. I lived for five years in the northeast, and I really miss the changing of the leaves and everything that came with the new season! (I don't miss the snow, though!)

    Unrelated: I nominated you for a blog award! No pressure to take part, of course. <3 http://www.anerdyworld.com/2015/08/aww-shucks-premio-dardos-and-leibster.html

  6. Oh man, I am so over summer. I wanna wear my Docs and cardigans and eat soup and snuggle under blankets. Yeah.

  7. Oh my God I am SO with you. Today I'm wearing a giant jumper, boots, tights, an autumn leaf coloured dress, and a massive grin. HELLO AUTUMN HOW I'VE MISSED YOU
    Although I wish that girl in the photo would even out her socks.