Crafty Updates

Hello! What a month it has been sewing and getting ready for my next show. I have a sore blister on my knuckle, achy muscles in my hands, and some numb fingers from intense cutting/sewing/ironing all month. But it's worth it because Fan Expo is next week! 

Here's some recent photos I've posted through Instagram of my finished products for the show. 

I have a crazy amount of cat toys for the show!

I sewed and ironed approximately 40 new pillowcases.

I've made so many new pouches over the last couple of months since I always sell them on Etsy too. I have a wide range of sizes and fabrics. 

This will be the first show I have extra large, canvas beach bags at. Honestly, I want to keep them all for myself!

As usual, I have a multitude of tote bags in different sizes and prints. I really love how they turned out.

Technically, I'm finished all my sewing for the show. Everything I wanted to finish is done. But because I'm crazy, I'm going to whip up a few more pouches out of some of the more popular fabrics right now.

Thanks for putting up with all my crafting photos and chatter recently!
xo Jen