Welcome Tank & Koopa

Ever since I met Adam he's wanted turtles. We've put it off for years because we never had room for his giant aquarium. As soon as we bought our house and set up the big desk for the 75-gallon aquarium (which is waiting for the turtles when they get bigger), he was on the hunt for baby turtles. He's been waiting patiently (cough*impatiently*cough) for months now for the reptile store up here to get babies in. Well they showed up last week so we raced to the store to pick out two baby red-eared sliders.

Meet Tank...

& Koopa...

The cats love them. They just watch the tank. They try to sniff and paw at the turtles and it's adorable.

The baby turtles are way too cute and I'm so excited to watch them grow and to try different veggies with them. It's fun having more babies to spoil!

xo Jen


  1. Aww.. Hey Tank and Koopa!! They are super adorable <3

  2. Aww! Congratulations on becoming turtle parents! I hope you're going to make them tiny superhero masks :p xxx

    1. I wish I could! They're too adorable. I'm a proud turtle mommy <3