Fangirl News

This past weekend was San Diego Comic Con and as usual so much news came out of that convention - trailers, casting announcements, and panels with movies and TV shows where details were spilled.

* A bunch of trailers were released over the weekend and the Deadpool trailer excited me the most. It looks like Ryan Reynolds did it - he's made a R-rated Deadpool movie and it makes me so happy! Now, my expectations have been set high for this movie so let's hope it doesn't disappoint!

* There was also a panel for X-Men: Apocalypse and they showed a trailer/clips put together from what they've filmed so far which made me fangirl when I watched it. Seeing a mohawk-sporting Storm, a bald James McAvoy, and hearing Magneto say 'who the fuck are you?' made me squee!

* 'Lumberjanes' won multiple Eisner awards, including 'Best New Series' and it just makes my heart swell. This series has become easily one of my favourites and I love how far it's come.

* Over the weekend, Paul Feig also tweeted a photo of the ladies in their Ghostbusters jumpsuits on set and now I need a jumpsuit so bad! Can I just cosplay as Melissa McCarthy's character for all cons?!? Jumpsuit, messy top bun and black glasses!

* Fan Expo Canada announced two Harry Potter guests this week - Tom Felton and Bonnie Wright have been added, so along with the Phelps twins there's a mini-Harry Potter reunion happening there and it makes me incredibly excited.

* It's funny this Harry Potter news came up this week because I also recently found out about Potterweek which Common Room has organized. It's a one week Harry Potter link up for blogs, podcasts, and all social media really. So now I just want to marathon the Harry Potter movies and come up with Harry Potter-themed treats.

It's been a fantastic week of geek news and it has started some very animated and intense conversations at home with Adam as we dissect movie trailers, discuss comic book news, and brainstorm Harry Potter treats. 

I hope your week has been treating you well!
xo Jen


  1. I'm SO excited for Deadpool. I'm hoping the new Ghostbusters movie will be good. I don't really care that it's all female, I'd prefer a mix, but eh. I adore some of the ladies, so.