My Life In Photos

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have noticed the bombardment of photos of our garden and yard. We've been planting some new things alongside the perennials that the previous owners planted.

Between working on our gardens and planting our vegetable garden, I've spent so much time outside in June. It's been nice and it's weird to see tan lines from being out in the sun. We're working hard to get the gardens looking nice and also fixing up the rest of our yard.

We didn't plant these strawberry plants but a lot of flowers bloomed so we were excited for strawberries. However, not many strawberries are growing now that the flowers are gone and the few strawberries that are getting to be a decent size are being watched by chipmunks. 

Another plant that came back on its own this year. It's called Herman's Pride and it's very pretty. 

We also had a Bleeding Heart plant show up in the front of the house this year. It's very pretty and I'm hoping it survives its transplant.  

I pretty much squeed when I saw these flowers in the garden centre. They're so tiny and adorable. So we got some for our planter out front. It's a Lantana plant and I plan on buying them every year since they come in a wide range of colours. Some plants are even multi-coloured.

These are two of the chipmunks living in our yard. There is a third one too. They're monitoring the strawberry patch. 

My new favourite perennial - the astilbe. They're so pretty and I bought another one for the backyard in a salmon colour. We're learning they need TONS of water however or their little leaves curl up, like in this photo. I'm hoping once they're established, they won't be so needy. 

We have a few plants that we're waiting for to bloom - lillies mainly. I cannot wait to see them open.

Sorry if you're getting sick of my flower photos! I never realized how much I'd enjoy gardening.
xo Jen