Cookies And A Starry Cake

Peanut butter cookies are a classic cookie that are super easy to make. Well, not always. I find sometimes the peanut butter is too wet or sticky and the cookies won't roll into balls or the cookies come out too crumbly. 

I've learned a trick - refrigerate the dough! Yes, this isn't some new sciencey-tip. A lot of cookie recipes call for chilling the dough. But the cookie recipe I follow on Kraft Peanut Butter containers does not say to chill the dough. I started doing it though. And it makes a huge difference!

The cookies roll into perfect balls and you can make the cute fork indents in the top. Honestly, try chilling your favourite peanut butter cookie dough and see if it makes a difference.

I shared some adorable cupcakes I made recently. Well, we had lots of leftover frosting. I decided to mix both of them together and it came out this amazing mint colour! To add to the adorableness of the cake, I topped it with some star sprinkles. I pretty much want to make this cake over and over again. It's too cute.

Have you made anything yummy recently?
xo Jen