Summer Conventions

Since moving 4 hours north of Toronto, I've limited the shows that I sell at. It's kind of a good thing though. Now I get to pick and choose the best shows to participate in, I have more time between shows to prepare which allows me to do more custom orders and update Etsy more often, and I can enjoy more of Summer instead of spending so much time travelling to and from shows.

This year, I'm selling at one comic convention at the beginning of Summer and another convention at the end of Summer. It's spaced out nicely.

The first show is Graphic-Con, which is a local convention, and takes place on June 6th. It's the first year for Sudbury's comic convention and I'm very excited for it. I'll get to meet local artists, comic collectors, gamers, and other interesting people. And best of all, it'll be set up in Science North which is a very cool science centre.

My last show of the Summer is Fan Expo Canada on September 3-6th. It's the biggest convention I do every year and I'm happy I'll have 3 months to prepare for it. Though, I may sneak in a small, local craft show or two during this time. Either way, I have so many ideas for products and fabrics I'm scoping out for this huge convention. They're slowly releasing the guest list and it's making me incredibly excited for this show.

So please bear with me over the next five months with all my craft projects and fabric pictures!
xo Jen


  1. Good luck on your shows! I have an Etsy store and surprisingly have yet to gain the courage to sell at a convention. It seems pretty daunting!

    1. Thanks! I actually started selling at conventions before starting an Etsy shop. I find the other artists and vendors at shows are super supportive and friendly. There's usually a good energy there.