Crafty Life

When your part-time or possibly full-time job is craft or art related, it tends to take over your life and home. I know a lot of people who craft or make art for a living or a part-time living. Typically there's always a project near by, if not in your hands. 

I live in a house full of fabric and second-hand sheets. There are thread bits everywhere and tiny bits of fluff hiding in corners and under my couch from my large bag of polyfill. The cats and myself tend to be covered in thread bits and fluff at all times. 

I'm constantly on the hunt for new fabric and materials I can use for my projects. Like this amazing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer fabric I found at a thrift store. 

Most of my 'down-time' usually consists of watching TV while filling cat toys, measuring finished projects, trimming zipper pouches, or scanning Pinterest for recipes. 

I love this life. And I know the people who live a similar lifestyle to me love it too. There's something so energizing and satisfying creating some thing with your hands. The support group I've found online and at conventions is amazing too.

I'm grateful and happy with this life. 
xo Jen

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