What I'm Watching

It's Winter and it's really cold out there! Also, I have a ton of sewing to do with my first comic convention next month. So I've been watching a lot of television.

Here's what I've been watching, enjoying, and my ideal watching style.

Once Upon A Time

I've been sharing my love for Season 3 of OUAT on my blog recently. The story between Emma Swan and Captain Hook, seeing Snow White and Prince Charming move forward with their relationship, and being introduced to new fictional (fairy tale) characters in Storybrooke has been very entertaining.

Watching Style:
Some episodes didn't grab my attention as much as others. Episodes typically focus on a couple of characters involved in a certain storyline, and if I don't care for them, those episodes aren't as enjoyable. I watched both Season 2 and 3 in a marathon-manner which I think worked best for me. That way if one episode wasn't as exciting or interesting, I was watching another one right after. I spent a lot of time pinning bags and filling cat toys while watching these seasons.

Sons of Anarchy

Adam and I started Season 1 of SOA finally. We've had the boxset sitting on our bookshelf for a while. We're a little over half way through the season but I can already tell this show is going to be addictive. The characters are great and the story is very interesting.

Watching Style:
Currently, we're just watching an episode a day when we're home together. We're savouring the season, though, I'm at the point where I want to marathon the rest of the season. Tensions are high and you can see some thing is building to lead up to the season finale and that's sparked my interest greatly. I'm guessing we'll be watching the rest of Season 1 quicker than how we started watching it. The 'let's just watch one more episode' time is coming.

Gilmore Girls

How many times have I re-watched this show?! Don't answer that.... Well, I'm re-watching it again. It's become my television show I watch while I sew. I've seen the episodes enough that it's ok if I miss a line or two because of my sewing machine.

Watching Style:
Marathon-style all the way! Like I said, I've seen this show enough that I don't need to savour the seasons and give each episode my undivided attention. Though, it's funny when I hit an episode I really enjoy. I find myself stopping my sewing machine mid-tote bag to watch the TV screen.

Cougar Town

The last season recently started so I'm catching up on episodes that have aired already. I've enjoyed each season of this show. The writing is funny and I really like a few of the characters a lot. I have found the seasons have gotten more and more silly. This isn't always bad but sometimes the episode or scene goes too far.

Watching Style:
I've been watching an episode here and there. I want to give each episode my attention since it's the last season and it'll be wrapping all the storylines up. Plus, most episodes have a lot of physical humour so it's best to have two eyes on the TV screen.

What have you been watching? I picked up the second season of Being Erica recently so I think I'll be starting that soon.

xo Jen

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