What I'm Loving Now

This week wasn't the greatest for me. I fell earlier in the week while ice skating and I've been left with a nasty bruise on my knee that makes me cringe every time something touches it, work has made me frustrated, and I haven't been feeling the healthiest. It's almost like a cold is just starting to brew inside of me. Either that or this dry weather and heat pumping indoors is making my nose and throat hurt.

So besides work, sewing, and IGGPPC duties, I've spent a lot of time this week watching TV and reading.

Once Upon A Time

Like I stated in my earlier post this week, I started watching OUAT again. I quickly got addicted to Season two and flew through all the episodes. Bringing Hook and Neal back into the storyline made things interesting and I really enjoy both of their characters. If you've seen Season two, you know how the last episode ends so I clearly had to start Season three right away. I'm already five episodes in and I'm loving Neverland. I'm guessing I'll be glued to my television all next week with sewing projects in hand and OUAT on.

Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line

I received this book a few months ago but didn't pick it up to read until recently. I've been spoiled with audio books and I find I don't pick up many novels to read anymore. If I'm going to read an actual book, it tends to be a comic trade. But I knew that the next Veronica Mars book was coming out soon so I figured I should finally read the first one by Rob Thomas. 

It was SO good. I heard all the characters' voices in my head while reading it. And Rob's writing was perfect. It was like a more mature episode of Veronica Mars. Once I hit about half way through the book I was very hooked. I went from saying I was going to read for 10 minutes to reading for an hour. My bedtimes kept getting pushed back since I couldn't put the book down. If the first book was any indication, I'm thoroughly looking forward to the next one - Mr. Kiss and Tell, which just came out this week. 

I unfortunately have a short shift to work later this afternoon but I'll be sure to get in some OUAT later tonight. 

Have a good weekend!
xo Jen


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your week has been so rubbish! I hope the bruise heals quickly and your cold leaves you alone soon! Xxx

    1. Thanks! I'm definitely feeling a bit better. Resting on the couch has helped!