Crafty Updates

My life has become filled with sewing projects again, which I love. I took December off from sewing since I was so busy at work and with holiday plans. But my first comic convention of the season is in March and I want to keep my Etsy shop updated, so a lot of free time is spent in the craft room. 

I love the days I spend in the craft room. My craft room (which is also the guest room) is one of the coziest places in the house to me. I have a TV in there so I can watch Gilmore Girls and Logan typically hangs out on the bed. And there's fabric everywhere!

I ordered some new fabric which I'm so excited to work with!

Photographing finished items for Etsy. 

I have a lot of catnip kitty kickers for sale right now, though, I do have more to add. 

Some recent items in my shop:

There's more pouches and cat toys to be added to my shop so watch out for those over the next week! 

xo Jen