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It's not a secret that I'm a cat lady and obsessed with my kitties. Did you know there are cat subscription boxes out there for you to spoil your furbabies with?! I recently found out and got excited thinking about getting one for my kitties. Meowbox is one of these cat subscription box companies and they're Canadian! Every meowbox contains at least five new goodies for your cat and the treats tend to be all-natural, wholesome, organic, or locally-made. Meowbox sent me (and Seymore and Logan) the November box to review. Needless to say, we were all very excited about receiving our meowbox!
The box contained four toys and three bags of treats.

Sprong - Catty Coil

From the Field - Stella the Cork Comet

One Pet Planet - Wooly Fun Ball

Categories - Batnip Ball


Holistic Select - Indoor Health/Weight Control
Waggers - Mighty Lion Cat Treat
Canidae - Grain Free PURE Taste Treats

As soon as I cut the tape on the box and opened it up Seymore was basically inside the box. There was something in there that he wanted desperately. No matter how many times I pulled him off the table, he was right back inside the box. Both of the cats instantly wanted the Batnip Ball and Wooly Fun Ball. They both contain catnip and they weren't sealed in a plastic package so clearly the scent attracted the cats.

We were thoroughly impressed by the toy selection. There was something for every type of cat. The Stella the Cork Comet toy is perfect for the cat who loves strings and dragging things around (which is Logan's favourite type of toy). The Batnip Ball is a solid catnip ball so any cat who likes catnip would love this. Plus Seymore really loved the feathers on top. He kept picking the toy up by the feathers. Both of my cats play fetch and the Wooly Fun Ball quickly became the fetch toy in the house. The Catty Coil toy seemed to get the least amount of attention until all the other toys went missing (I had to get the broom and clear all the toys out from under the couch the following day). I caught both the cats playing with the Catty Coil on the stairs the next day. Because of the design it seems perfect for little cat paws to grab onto. They were both taking turns grabbing it and pulling it towards them.

The cats seem to like the treats. I'm happy to try some different brands. I seem to be stuck in the same cat treat circle and they get the same couple of brands/flavours all the time. And Seymore's getting older and a bit heavier so I'll be saving the health/weight control treats for him.

If you're a cat owner, you know how quickly and easily toys go missing. Receiving a cat subscription box a few times a year is an ideal solution in my opinion. Instead of heading to the pet store looking for a suitable toy or new bag of treats, meowbox arrives at your doorstep with a range of toys and treats for your cat. Plus the surprise and fun of opening the box makes a subscription box even better than heading out to a store. As the human in the room, I was highly entertained watching the cats go crazy for the new toys. I was happy to see them so excited and energetic.

Meowbox offers a few different subscription offers, however they are offering 10% off your first subscription with code: IGGPPC

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I love subscription boxes and having one for my cats is a perfect idea! The toys are constantly getting lost in my house >.<

  2. I've been meaning to try out Meow box for a while now (I discovered them on Instagram). Glad to hear they are Canadian, and those toys look amazing. Will definitely give them a go in the new year.