New Years Blogging Resolutions

About a month or so ago I came across the amazing, talented, inspiring world of the Female Geek Bloggers. I follow a lot of people on Twitter who are apart of this group and I also read some blogs with the FGB logo in their sidebar. I finally did some research into the group and I'm in love!

One of the regular blogging themes amongst the group is the Five Fandom Friday. Five Fandom Friday was started by two bloggers whom I admire, The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick, and each week bloggers will write about the same thing or theme. This past week was 'New Years Blogging Resolutions'. This seemed right up my alley since we're only a couple days away from the new year and I've been focusing more on my blog this year.

So here are my New Years Blogging Resolutions:

1. Better photos
I've stated this before but I really want and need to up my photo game. Which means a better camera and trying to find the best lighting in this house. I have been working on lighting and taking my time with photos to avoid blurriness, but it's still something I want to improve.

2. Connect with companies and host giveaways
Because of IGGPPC, I'm becoming more exposed and experienced with contacting companies about hosting giveaways or looking for sponsors for special events. I now need to transfer that experience to my own blog and hopefully find some amazing people to work with.

3. Write ahead
I'm bad with leaving posts to the last minute. I keep a blog schedule/calendar filled with details and ideas so I never go to update a post with no preparation. But it'd be nice to have a couple of posts on hand at all times for when I get called into work or a sickness takes over. That way I wouldn't feel so stressed out about writing and keep my site up to date.

4. Go on more adventures
More adventures in life means more content to write about. Living in a relatively new-to-me city means there's lots to explore but I just need the energy and bravery to head out there!

5. Become more connected with other geeks
Seems vague, but I want to connect with more people at comic conventions, online, through blogs, etc. Networking can be amazing and I've experienced some positive outcomes from networking. I want to do more in the geek community and work with amazing people!

I'm very excited for the new year and to see what 2015 holds!
xo Jen


  1. omg I'm not very good at writing ahead either. So you're totally not alone there!
    Your list looks great. If you only get to do one of the five, I hope you focus on the adventures. =0)

    I should sit down and make myself write down some blogging goals too. It's a good idea.

  2. FGB is how I discovered your blog! :D I actually want to utilize IGGPPC more - I've been signed up for a couple months, but I'm shamed to say I haven't really done to much exploring/interacting! Definitely need to work on that.