Five Things For The Holidays

During the holidays I'm all about baking treats and surrounding myself with cozy things - candles, mugs of hot beverages, blankets, and a couple of cats. Christmas time is the beginning of my nesting season.

These are a few things I'd like to have around the house during this time:

1. Twisted Peppermint Candle from Bath and Body Works - This is by far my favourite scent at Bath and Body Works. It is the perfect peppermint scent and perfect for Christmas time.

2. Cherry Pie Cookies - How amazing do these look and sound?!? I may have to try making some.

3. Philosophy Iced Gingerbread Cookie Duo from Sephora - Seriously?! This needs to be on my body! Smelling like gingerbread or cinnamon sounds pretty darn amazing to me.

4. Mint M&M Sugar Cookie Bars - I always associate sugar cookies with Christmas time and throwing in any type of M&M sounds like a pretty great idea!

5. Hot Chocolate - I have hot chocolate often during the cold months. I also enjoy some in my coffee. But these recipes sounds like such a fun way to try something new!

What are your holiday staples? 
xo Jen


  1. That candle is adorable! :D I've been meaning to stop by Bath and Body Works to pick up a few things. I'll definitely be getting a few candles for my apartment. And I love that flyer for spicing up hot chocolate - I'll need to try one of those!!


  2. ADORABLE lil graphic at the end! I love everything, this is my most favorite time of year! xx

  3. That candle is so cute! I love the hot chocolate infographic. Educational and delicious :) xxx