Cosplay: Blossom

I've never been one to cosplay. I mean, coming up with a Halloween costume stresses me out. Though, I'm inspired and in awe of people who do cosplay. So when I was introduced to the 'everyday cosplay' or casual cosplay if you will, I was intrigued. This was something I could pull off. It was a starting point and not a ton of work. And I'm not good with intimidating projects.

Back when we went to New York City, someone commented that it looked like I was doing an everyday cosplay of Blossom from Powerpuff Girls because of my pink dress and thick black belt. So when I got invited to a casual cosplay night at the local board game cafe, I jumped on the Blossom idea. I pulled out the pink dress and black belt again. But I did use my glue gun and some red fabric to make a large bow to clip in my hair. This was my final result:

I'm happy with how things turned out and the other people at the meet up knew who I was so that made me happy. And I have to say, this small step towards cosplay has me motivated to maybe try out more. Especially some more casual cosplays. 

xo Jen