What I'm Loving Now

Let's be honest, I'm loving so much right now. It's my favourite season which is filled with yummy foods, amazing scents, and warm and comfy clothes. What's not to love?!

Fall Television

So the new season of television shows has started. Well, some of them have started anyways. And I'm already loving New Girl and The Mindy Project this season. I didn't have high hopes for either of these shows when they first aired years ago but they've quickly become two of my favourite comedies. And it seems their new seasons look promising as well.

Lace Up Boots

Recently I have become obsessed with the look of lace up boots. I've been searching for a pair in every store I go into but I cannot find any! I've seen them on a couple of websites but I'd prefer to try them on before handing over my money. I need a pair!!

What are you loving now?
xo Jen

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