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Thanks to my local public library, I have so many audio books at my fingertips!! I look forward to listening to my audio books all the time now. Because the faster I go through the current one I'm listening to, the sooner I can start the next. It's like I'm insatiable for books. Young Adult books to be specific. I find myself writing down books titles when I'm out shopping so I can look them up in the library catalogue.

Clearly, finally using my library card and the online catalogue was the best thing to happen recently.

Eleanor & Park

So I finally read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I've heard nothing but good things about this book since it came out. I've had lots of friends recommend it to me. Well, it was just as good, if not better, than I had expected. 

The characters were described so perfectly. They seemed so real and the feelings they had really hit home with me. I felt for them. The X-Men references in the book put a smile on my face and I really found myself emotionally invested in the story. My only complaint is how the book ended. I will not spoil it because I think everyone needs to read it. But, the ending didn't satisfy me. To be honest, it kind of felt rushed.

I'm a huge fan of Rainbow Rowell's writing. Her pop culture references are great and I adore how she writes the men or boys in her books. You actually like them. They're usually stand-up guys. Yes, they make mistakes and they're not perfect, but I find myself rooting for them in every book I've read of hers.


Landline is Rowell's newest book and I flew through the audio book in two days. Again, I loved the writing and the flow of the story. The characters were great - flawed, real, personable. I didn't completely connect with the story as much as I did with her previous books, but I still enjoyed it.

After discussing it with a friend, I think I've really enjoyed all of Rowell's audio books because they're narrated by the same person, Rebecca Lowman. There's just something about her voice and how she does the male voices. I've listened to enough audio books to know that some narrators can have voices that distract me slightly or at least take a bit to get used to. But not Lowman. 

I just started the next Mortal Instruments audio book in the series, City Of Fallen Angels. I'm hoping to get in a lot of listening time next week. 

What are you reading now? Any book recommendations?
xo Jen

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