To Do List: Autumn Edition

We've been experiencing Autumn weather most of this month and it's lovely. I've been wearing lots of layers and lighting my pumpkin-scented candles. On some outings this past weekend, I noticed some really bright red trees that have changed colour already. These trees have lit a fire under me to get working on my Autumn to-do list. I want to take full advantage of my favourite season.

Now I didn't actually put together this list and graphic, but it's EXACTLY what I want to do this season. Add in make a Halloween costume, bake lots of pumpkin treats, and snuggle cats, and that's my list!

September has been busy with guests coming to visit and my work schedule hasn't been lining up the greatest with Adam's, so I haven't been able to make it to any Fall festivals or gone on a hike yet. But you better believe those things will be happening soon!

xo Jen

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