My Life In Photos

Looking back at photos I took this Summer, I realize that even though it was a short Summer, we had lots of fun. We made the most of the nice weather and headed to the lake often and went on some little adventures.

We had a decent amount of thunderstorms this Summer which I'm a huge fan of. They always came in quick and it was beautiful seeing it roll in. 

We finally went to Old Rock and we both got iced lattes - Adam had caramel crunch and I had a s'mores one. Surprised?

I had an oreo doughnut for breakfast on the day of our move. It was sickly sweet but also pretty awesome.

We lived on fruit this Summer. It was nice picking up some Niagara fruit up here. 

A date night. Drinking root beer from a giant A&W mug is ideal.

TMNT Pizza Power is actually a fun game. 

Most of my evenings in August - Sex and the City and crafting. 

Watching The Geekies while hanging out with all the IGGPPC staff was super fun!

I found kitty socks at Target!

New cell phone case!! *Insert big smile*

I'm going to make sure Autumn is just as fantastic as the Summer. Lots of adventures!
xo Jen

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