Fan Expo Canada Recap

I can't even begin to explain how exhausted I am - mentally and physically. We headed to Hamilton last Wednesday since Fan Expo Canada was happening Thursday through Sunday. We had a great time visiting friends and family and meeting our new niece. But we did drive home right after the convention ended yesterday however, so it made for a super long day. I think we both could have slept all day today. Instead I've spent a lot of time on the couch drinking caffeinated drinks and catching up on emails and TV shows.

So Fan Expo Canada... it was a great weekend! A lot of friends, new and old, stopped by my table and we saw some amazing cosplay. Fan Expo now takes over both convention buildings in Toronto. Artist Alley was in the South building, the larger of the two, and it was packed in there most of the time. Pretty much only first thing in the morning and the last hour of the day were you able to move through the aisles with little trouble.

My table set up. 

The North building had all the celebrity guests so it was packed constantly too. Trying to stop for a quick minute to snap a picture was almost impossible because there were so many people trying to get through the aisles and volunteers were ushering people along if you weren't getting an autograph. And to get between the buildings became a 20 minute trek because there were lineups for the escalators.

North building.

Don't let this serious face fool you. Adam was ecstatic to be there. 

There were so many great cosplays. Check out my Fan Expo photo album on my Facebook page for all the pictures I took!

I had fun visiting The Capitol while there.

I finally wore my new Ghostbusters shirt over the weekend.

And of course, some new Pop Vinyl figures came home with me. I'm so in love with Stay Puft!

Overall it was a fun and successful show for me! It's just crazy how much it's grown and changed over the years. As it gets bigger and the more people that come, the less likely it is for me to get into any panels or to be able to see everything there which is a little sad for me. But it is also super fun to be apart of the energy going on there.

It feels bittersweet right now. I'm happy to be done shows for the year so I can focus on Etsy and other projects. But I also don't want to wait 6 months for my next show. We'll see what happens.

xo Jen 

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