Weekly Adventures

Last night was The Geekie Awards, where IGGPPC was nominated in the Websites/Blogs category. It was super fun to watch the award show streaming live from Hollywood with the other staff members through Google Hangouts. The show went longer than I had expected and you could see all of us winding down as the show went on. Unfortunately our site didn't win but it was still pretty amazing and exciting to see our website name and pictures on the screen when they announced the nominees. This was a lot of exposure for IGGPPC and our two staff members that went down there handed out business cards left and right!

And speaking of IGGPPC, Summer Camp is currently running on the site. We have activities, games, tutorials and more running every day until the 24th. Emily, one of the co-founders, created this adorable stop motion video for it.

Besides working on Summer Camp things, I've been a sewing maniac! Fan Expo Canada is just over a week away and as usual I'm stressing out and sewing constantly. I currently have a sore right hand and wrist from using scissors. Moving at the beginning of the month really threw off my sewing schedule for this convention which means I'm squeezing in as much as possible now.

So if I disappear slightly from social media over the next week or so, you know why!
xo Jen

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