Outside Adventures

Hello! I hope things have been well for you. I've been super busy with lots of different things. Ever since the move life has been non-stop. 

Anyways, before we moved we went Wild Blueberry picking. We were out for over 2 hours and it was pretty tiring but it was an absolutely perfect day to be out. And we got lots of blueberries! 

By this point I got in trouble for taking pictures instead of picking blueberries.. whoops! It was just so pretty. I felt like I was in a magical forest at some points.

I was able to make up a wild blueberry pie with lots of berries leftover to add to cereal and yogurt and just general eating! Nom!

I don't know if we'll get a chance to go picking again. But we did much better this Summer than last year since we knew what to look for and where to go!
xo Jen

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