Fan Expo Canada

So the biggest show of the year that I sell at is this upcoming weekend... ahhhh! I've been so busy preparing for Fan Expo Canada, that I forgot to enjoy August. Oh well, I'm so pumped for this convention. It's my favourite show of the year! Not only do I get to see old friends, but I get to meet new ones too! And I get to buy comics and toys and look for new artists to love in Artist Alley. And see all the wonderful cosplay and just be overwhelmed by fantastic things! It's an amazing 4 days!

The guest line up this year is crazy good! I'll be doing my best to catch glimpses of Bruce Campbell, Patrick Stewart, and Elijah Wood! And of course, stalking all the other celebrity guests I come across. Plus, I'll be coming home with new prints from some of my favourite artists too.

If by chance you're going to the convention, I'm in Artist Alley at table A351! I have SO much stuff for this year and I'm so incredibly proud of it all. 

I've been posting a lot of finished product pictures over on my Facebook page. Check them out and keep an eye out for random posts from Fan Expo this weekend!

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic week. I'll be back next week!
xo Jen

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