What I'm Loving Now

It seems like it's been forever since I was eligible for a cell phone upgrade.... I suffered for months with a barely working Blackberry Curve and luckily my friend offered me her iPhone 4 back at Christmas time to hold me over until I was due for an upgrade. So we just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I'm so excited to start playing around with it! But we need cases because it's so thin and light and I'm afraid I'll drop it. I'm torn on spending a lot on a case or not. 

Kate Spade

As soon as I saw this case I had a mini freak out! I've loved this Kate Spade design ever since I saw it a couple years ago. I need this case! And the tote wouldn't be horrible to own either... 

I have dreams of owning a Kate Spade purse one day. I've seen a couple of customers with this same purse, but in different colours, at work and I just drool over their bags. They probably think I'm going to steal something since I'm trying to catch glances of their purse the entire time I'm helping them. 


When I'm not drooling over Kate Spade, I've been eating up the third installment of The Lunar Chronicles - Cress. I've been obsessed with each book in this series so far. I adore the writing, the strong female characters, and how each story intertwines together. And the way they make similarities to the original fairy tale is fantastic! I highly recommend this series! But now that I'm caught up, I can't believe I have to wait for the fourth book, Winter, to come out still. 

Dear Kitten

Whether you're a cat owner or not, I think you'll find this video cute. But if you call yourself a cat person, it's even better. It's adorable and I am now wondering if Seymore felt like this when we brought little Logan along. 

What are you loving lately?

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
xo Jen

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