The Amazing Spider-man 2

A couple of weeks ago we went to see The Amazing Spider-man 2. It was a good movie and once again, I loved Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and smartass Spider-man. I did find the movie had a weird flow to it though. And there was definitely a lot packed into the movie. But I still found it entertaining and I'll definitely be buying the movie when it comes out on blu-ray. 

Of course on the day we went to see it I had to wear my Spider-man skirt and bright blue tank. 

I just love Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in the movie. She was fantastic in the first movie, and even better in the second. And again, I fell in love with her entire wardrobe, especially all those fantastic jackets!


Have you seen The Amazing Spider-man 2 yet? What'd you think?
xo Jen

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